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Cars for Sale $Cdn
Year Description Price


Ford F250 MINT The best ther is!!!!!


Parts List
Part # Description Price
AMR1086AO NEW Dr.Handles 63-4Classic/Amb,64-9American w/gask $149.00 a Pair
320-2484 Trunion NOS 1957-63 All Rambler and American $129.00
313-1679 Threaded bolt bushing ass., upper control arm 58-63 Amer. $45.00
320-6277 Trunion Kit Upper 58-63 American ( HARD TO FIND ) $189.00
AMRDG Door Handle Gaskets 63-4 Classic/Amb,64-9 American $7.00  a Pair


DOOR HANDLES for AMX, JAVELIN, AMBASSADOR, REBEL, MATADOR.NEW right and left and also rear door handles for 4 door cars.                          

$99.00 each


Accelerator Cable Eagle, Spirit, Concord, SX4,Kamback



Turn signal switch 1965-66 Marlin, Classic, Ambassador


NEW TRUNIONS 1968-69 AMX/Javelin, NEW Made in Canada with bearing kit                                     



New Reproduction 1964-1969 W/O R Show Quality All models including AMX and Javelin   With Right, Left and Flat gaskets for all applications. These fit right and left side of your cars. This is the mirror we have all been waiting for. Limited supply so get yours now!!!!!! ALSO MIRRORS with the "R" now available for $129.00 with gaskets!!!        

Gaskets for the above mirror if you already have a good mirror only $9.00 each   

 Gremlin Door Handles Right and Left side with gaskets are now available for $59.00 each